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Jaguar and IOTA have strategically partnered to compensate drivers for allowing Jaguar to monitor and collect the data they produce while driving. Drivers would receive IOTA tokens for reporting road conditions like traffic, weather, potholes, or other hazards, then automatically

Blockfi is a blockchain lending startup, who offer deposit accounts boasting a massive interest rate of 6.2% on Ethereum and Bitcoin. Conversely, Blockfi also offers crypto-backed loans that are issued in USD, and only up to 50% of the total

SEC at the end of last week published new regulatory guidelines for new issuances of digital assets. The framework outlines how and when tokens will be classified as a security, using the Howey Test. The Howey Test determines whether certain

The United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)  is looking to hire an attorney who specializes in crypto and digital asset securities according to a job posting on USAjobs.gov. The SEC is primarily responsible for enforcing and proposing federal securities laws

Former Enron CEO, Jeffrey Skilling, reportedly is meeting with specialists in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and software development to explore a new energy venture. The energy venture, while still very early, had been described as, “a digital platform connecting investors to oil

Crypto winter and other troubles have dashed Bitmain’s plans for an IPO, for now. Breakermag picked up on a tweet from Dovey Wan, a partner at cryptoasset fund Primitive, pointing out Bitmain's IPO filing was quietly expiring this Monday. https://twitter.com/DoveyWan/status/1109886742591471617 Bitmain, which