Digital AUM provides cryptocurrency news + context for institutional investors. In the decade since Bitcoin’s emergence, blockchain-based digital assets have gone from being a technological curiosity to an emerging asset class that is raising questions across the financial sector. We cover significant developments in cryptocurrency tech, finance, and regulation; we profile notable companies & thought leaders in the space; and we help institutional investors keep track of their peers and partners.

So much of the discussion around cryptocurrency has been dominated by speculation and news media feeding into and on the boom and bust cycle from retail trading. There is an overwhelming amount of news and noise about asset price movements, financial celebrities’ praise or hot takes, new tokens, new tech projects, new funds, new exchanges, with an endless derivatives market of hype and FUD on all of the above.

We’re building Digital AUM for the fund managers, institutional executives, and industry leaders that want a news source that shares their lens and has a high bar for notability. We’re here to help you stay on top of institutional progress and practices in digital asset investing, to learn more about the market leaders and key players in the ecosystem, and to follow significant tech & regulatory developments that matter to firms and funds like yours.


Ownership & Editorial Policy

Digital AUM is financially supported by Everbloom, a VC-backed non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange. Stories published by Digital AUM are selected and produced independently.