Jaguar, IOTA partner to reward drivers with crypto; E*Trade is reportedly preparing to launch BTC, ETH trading; Survey says 9% of Americans hold bitcoin.

Jaguar and IOTA have strategically partnered to compensate drivers for allowing Jaguar to monitor and collect the data they produce while driving. Drivers would receive IOTA tokens for reporting road conditions like traffic, weather, potholes, or other hazards, then automatically report to the proper authorities. Jaguar is testing out smart wallets to allow drivers to spend their tokens automatically on tolls along with other benefits like purchasing coffee from partnered vendors. This move is yet another toward adoption of cryptocurrencies. Breakermag provides additional analysis about the partnership including community sentiment around the step for Jaguar.

E*Trade Financial Corp reportedly is getting near to launching cryptocurrency trading abilities on their platform. E*Trade has a user base of around 5 million after acquiring Capital One’s retail brokerage arm in Q4 of 2018. Bloomberg reported that people close to the matter have said that the company is getting close to launching cryptocurrency trading, starting with Bitcoin and Ethereum with more to come. However, E*Trade has declined to confirm or deny the report. They will be joining Robinhood as traditional retail brokerage make the inevitable move to supporting cryptocurrency purchases.

Blockchain Capital’s Spencer Bogart released data collected from a bitcoin sentiment survey of 2,029 American adults in 2019. They had performed a similar study in 2017 after an 800% bull run in the price of bitcoin and compared the results to 2019. Surprisingly, Bitcoin propensity to buy, likely hood to own, and conviction all rose even though market conditions were much different. Bogart’s medium post extensively breaks down the findings.

Bitcoin ownership charts in spring 2019: Source: Bogart’s Medium Post

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